Here's a riddle,
Name 7 countries that have the letter "P" anywhere in the middle.
It cannot start or end with a "P" (cannot be Philippines). No countries with the word "republic" in them (cannot be Dominican Republic).
I know that you have the internet right in front of you... but no cheating
unless you give up :(
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Transformers was good only because I love explosions with robot fights and Optimus Prime. Without that, it dragged on a little (almost 3 hours is too much).

On another note, my highest score on Midway Mania at Disney's California Adventure:

My friend had the highest score among our d-land group, but not anymore! My first deer!
Apparently you need a good partner to get a really good score. I googled up hints/cheats and so now we just have to practice, practice, practice.
I just have to brag when it comes down to games (´・ω・`)

koda kumi

I was going to get Kuu's new album, but I really really hate that "bling bling bling" song! Yeah, one song is going to stop me from buying the whole album. I think it's that bad! I was not expecting it when I went to watch that HEY!x3 performance. Boo!

boo hoo

Noo prop 8 passed. So much for the separation of the church and state and equality for all.

I really don't have time to just sit down and read for hours anymore. Unless it's HP of course, but that's over with. It's taking me quite a while to finish Kamimaze Girls. It's not that it's boring, it's that I can only read it in bits because of time! Off to physics hw...
*in my friend's accent* "Time to do zee phyziks!"